My Impression Before Attending Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folks School Saturday, Jul 26 2008 

I was just informed about the acceptance to attend the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School this week, in which will fall on 11-22 August 2008 in Gwangju, Korea.

The programme I first knew from my colleague who was interested in joining too, but unfortunately he will be occupied during the time. The programme is compliance to my object of my organization (CCIM) and I am in highly hope that I will bring lesson learn from the experience of the spirit and ideal of May 18 Democratic uprising which is considered as a benchmark event for the development of human rights and democracy in Korea.

To my suprised there are pre-activities of the folk school unlike my previous experience to other programme. However, it does help when I now checking and doing some preparation for the day, so I can even learn more.:)

For another thing, I wish to explore the Korean culture like tasting the famous Kimchi, wearing hanbok custome, and where possible meeting Korean superstars.


Talent of Ice skating Wednesday, Dec 5 2007 

In Cologne where the whether is good for ice skating, I showed off my talent with a graceful movement . Let’s see the photo together La!


Hello world! Friday, Nov 16 2007 

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